From the geo-fenced virtual time clock to in-app communication, these are the key features that make ProCrewz the essential resource management platform.

Job Information

View comprehensive job details.

Integrated Calendar

Allows for visibility of jobs across clients and integrates with a personal calendar.

Confirm Availability & Accept Job Offers

Check availability and send job offers to your crew, where they can reply via the mobile app for easy communication.

Virtual Time Clock

The crew punches in with a geo-fenced virtual time clock.

Pre-Event Screening & Post-Event Survey

Crew can be prompted to take an in-app screening to be cleared to work. Results are visible in the mobile app and client portal for managers.

When clocking out, employees can be required to take a post-event survey confirming important details of the workday.


Alert crew of important job information like crew call changes and other timely notifications.

Automated to remind crew to punch in and out.

Streamlined Communication

Keep in touch with your crew with in-app messaging.

Contact Details

Enjoy all event contact details at your fingertips.

Submit Expenses

Your crew can submit expenses with just a snapshot of receipts.

User Profile

Crew can update personal information and see Pay Statement information.

Pay Statements

Employees can see a history and details of Pay Statements.

Upload Certifications

Enjoy the ability to seamlessly upload a training certificate or COVID-19 Vaccination card.

ProCrewz Support

In-app access to FAQ’s and Support center.